Rena D. Cook

Creations by Rena Dee

Phone: (520) 665-8713

pen and ink, pastels, oil paints, acrylics, fibers, cloth, spinning, weaving, wood carving, crocheting and knitting, and sewing

Additional Info:
A multimedia artist, Rena Dee has enjoyed creating art for over 50 years.  She loves creating art that enhances daily lives–especially useful art such as custom designed classic and modern rugs using crocheting techniques, woven rugs with wool spun from her own Shetland sheep (which have a wide variety of natural colors in a very soft yarn), making original aprons and various household accessories. Rena Dee’s is also growing and selling plants to benefit the Mind, Body & Spirit Co-op Community Garden Project in Reserve, New Mexico, and is often commissioned to create original art pieces specific to to her clients.

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